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Do you want to be a shining "meteor" in the insurance industry, flashing by?
Or become a brilliant "star"? Shining in the life insurance sky?
Do you know the difference between these two stars?
The answer is: [Customer base].

To enhance your value and become a constant star in the life insurance industry
You just need to do this well, that is:
[Just make sure that customers like you.].

In the thirty years of the life insurance career, the A SOLUTION team has served the customer base with honesty, sincerity, integrity, and professionalism, gaining the trust and followings of a wide customer base.

We have developed a set of "customer system" based on years of accumulated experience and insights. After years of baptism and validation, we have nurtured a group of outstanding life insurance elites, rewriting their destinies.

This set of system confirms that it can help you move towards success, steadily becoming the evergreen tree of the life insurance industry.

Sincerely recommend the "Customer-First" system developed by A SOLUTION:
Captivate the hearts of customers

The "Customer-First" system developed by A SOLUTION


A set of 4 operational procedures integrating insurance expertise + valuable market experience and insights:

Make customers like you

Market development -

Customers trust you

Service presentation -

Captivate the hearts of customers

Customized -

Customers feel reassured

Various claims -

As long as you continuously apply this system, practice makes perfect, skillful makes wonderful, you will benefit infinitely in your lifetime, and life will become more exciting.

As long as you uphold honesty and enthusiasm in service attitude, apply this technique to the customer base, you will definitely captivate the hearts of retained customers, and then increase your visibility and [indicators] (indicate buying from you), becoming the preferred professional insurance consultant for customers.

Young people, your opportunity has come!

A SOLUTION wants to cultivate a group of enthusiastic, energetic, daring dreamers who are obedient and join our team.

If you have a strong ambition to make life better, we will carefully nurture you, tap into your strengths, and unleash your potential.

If you are,
  • Not satisfied with the status quo, actively seeking better opportunities
  • Don't want to work for a lifetime, want to try entrepreneurship
  • Want to provide better quality of life for your family

  • You have,
  • The correct attitude, behavior, good professional ethics, optimistic attitude, and ambitious goals

  • You have the following qualifications,
  • SPM diploma + at least 5 passes,
  • STPM / DEGREE / MASTER or above
  • Career

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